Study Tips

1. Motivation is half the Work

“Boring!” Well, that’s definitely not the way it works.

Try to find a positive aspect to studying. Why not watch your favourite film in English and write down some useful words or phrases that you want to remember. You could also read the lyrics of Top 10 songs and try to understand what they are about. Or check out celebrity sites and learn more about famous actors, bands and other stars. This sure is good for your vocabulary and on top of that – it’s lots of fun.

Always look on the bright side of life.

2. Don't overdo it!

Studying 15 minutes per day is more effective than studying 2 hours once every week.

For a whole week, try studying 15 minutes each day. Not less. And definitively not more than that (even if you could).

You will see that the following day, studying is much more fun, simply because you didn't push it to the limit the day before.

Know when to stop before you start.

3. Study English with Friends

Meet friends and study English together.

You can repeat your English vocabulary, do your homework together and help each other with English grammar. And why not try one of our games on ego4u. Studying with friends simply is much more fun.

It’s also a good opportunity to exchange ideas on studying in general. Maybe your friends have found out about a good way of studying more effectively. Or, who knows, maybe you can advise your friends on this?

All for one and one for all.

4. Treat yourself to something good

Everybody notices what you failed to do. But nobody appreciates what you succeeded to do. That's rather frustrating, isn't it?

Appreciation is always a good motivation. And if nobody else appreciates your efforts, you'll have to do it yourself. Set a target for the day, the week or the term and do also set a reward for yourself that you can look forward to, e.g.:

If I achieve the target, I will treat myself to ...

  • an adventurous monster killing game on my computer
  • a visit to the cinema at the weekend
  • a short trip to London
  • ...

If it's a long-time target, write your reward down on a piece of paper and hang it up in a place where it catches your eye. This sure will be a good motivation.

Go for it!


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